Dance for Solidarity
1. Close your eyes. Imagine the room is filled with light mist, and as you move, the mist collects onto your body, filling it with new, fresh energy. Open your eyes.

2. Now tense every muscle in your body. Hold the tension and count to 10. Now let all of the tension release as you count to 10 again. Inhale. Exhale.

3. Hold an imaginary ball in your hand. Let the ball travel from your hand to your head, around your body and down to your feet. Try it slow, then try it very fast.

4. Walk in the biggest circle possible, lifting your arms over your head and lowering them.

5. Stop in the middle of that circle.

6. Press both of your hands together strongly. Quickly release.

7. Take your right hand to your left shoulder.

8. Twist your body back and forth.

9. Begin wildly shaking all parts of your body. Stop and freeze.

10. Feel your body grow lighter and lighter, as if you are a cloud. Inhale. Exhale.

The dance, illustrated by Caits Meissner: